• Filter calls by type
  • Group calls by Date or Contact/Phone number
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  • Delete individual calls
  • Show totals by category
  • Search in call history
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  • Shows contact images
  • See how many you want in recent
  • Sync with iTunes
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  • Unlimited calls history
  • Backup/Restore call database
  • Supports localization
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More features will be available coming updates..

CallLogPro - A Perfect Call Manager

CallLogPro, a Call Manager complements the iPhone standard application to manage incoming and outgoing calls. Its feature rich design and user friendly interface make this application extremely popular among iPhone users with in a short period of time. This app is of particular benefit not only to those who use the iPhone both for business and private purposes and maintain a large number of contacts, but also to regular users.

Call history

History of incoming and outgoing calls now have no limits. Enable real grouping of calls by date or contact/person. Possibility to remove a record of a single call. Clear calls by type (incoming/outgoing) or date or contact.
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Advanced options

Group by Date offers you to group the calls by 'Date', so you can easily see all calls for a specific date.
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iReminder reminds all the important dates that are associated with a Contact in iPhone's addressbook. So never miss any important date of your loved one.


Calls/Messages blocker for your iPhone. Answer calls or receive messages from only whom you want to receive and discard the rest. Get rid of all annoying Calls and Messages.


Please make sure that your iPhone is jailbroken. Please check installation guide for more details about iPhone's jailbreak. If you continue, we believe that you agreed our terms and conditions and we do not accept any refund requests because of jailbreak problems.

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