Delete Calls Directly

Call Delete brings possibility to remove a single call record or multiple at a time. Additionally it provide more clear options to remove dialed, received or missed calls. By turning on Multi Delete, you can either remove a single call or all calls from grouped call records.

Enhance standard 'Recents'

Call Delete gives possibility to enhance your iPhone standard mobile phone app by adding 'Delete' function. Also it lets you to hide the 'Edit' button and also it allows to view current calls count and duration.

No additional App required

Call Delete does not add any extra icon to your iPhone's Springboard and you can manage Call Delete directly from iPhone's standard settings. You can turn off Call Delete if you don't want to use it any more. It offers more options when compared to it competetors with in very less price.


Please make sure that your iPhone is jailbroken. Please check installation guide for more details about iPhone's jailbreak. If you continue, we beleive that you agreed our terms and conditions and we do not accept any refund requests because of jailbreak problems.

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