This is a mandatory update for who using 1.14 or below versions. Found an issue in old versions that your iOS Device's Addressbook might turned as readonly and in a result, you can't create/update/delete a contact on/from your device.


Commercial App: $0.99
(No trial)

This is a beta release only.
Please be certain you are comfortable with troubleshooting potential problems or rolling back to a previous release before installing.

Generate onversation reports from your iDevice standard Messages app.

Generate, view and share reports with anyone with a single click.

Upload it to dropbox, google drive and many other cloud services (these services required the respective standard apps to be installed on your device).

*Screenshots shown in the below section are rendered with Copic 2. To have colorful Contact images with ShareMe requires a valid purchase of Copic 2.

  • Generate PDF, text, and CSV Reports
  • Upload the reports to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc