Commercial App: $1.49
(No trial)

This is a beta release only.
Please be certain you are comfortable with troubleshooting potential problems or rolling back to a previous release before installing.

Compatible with iOS 8 & 9.

Requires Couria

The best Quick Reply & Compose plugin for Viber. Requires Viber version 5.6.5 and above.

*Screenshots shown in the below section are rendered with Copic.

  • Quick Reply & Compose from Anywhere. Use Activator for Quick Compose. Also supports Flip Switch for Quick Compose.
  • Quick Reply - Just Swipe from right to left on Viber message on Notification Center and click 'Reply'
  • Quick Compose - Assign an Activator method via Activator or choose Viber flipSwitch on Control Center.
  • Quick Compose - Always launches recent conversations. If you want to send a message to a contact, just search for the contact from QC window.
  • Tons of customisable options which are not part of standard Couria.
  • Tons of customizeable features
  • Assign Activator methods for Quick Compose.