Commercial App: $1.99
(includes no trial)

This is a beta release only.
Please be certain you are comfortable with troubleshooting potential problems or rolling back to a previous release before installing.

Auto Silence your iDevice without noice!!

Forgot each time when you walk into a meeting room and silent your device? Embarrassed when your device rings and everybody stares at you in the middle of a discussion? Well then this little tweak is for you!! Just install it then leave the rest to it. Works tightly with your calendar application and silent (reduce the noice till the very minimum level) your device based on your meetings in the calendar.

Works with trusted networks. Choose a network on your active Auto SilentMe profile. When your iDevice connected to those trusted networks then it will be silenced automatically. Useful when you are conencting to your office/professional networks.

Supports all iDevices.

  • Tons of settings
  • Multiple Profiles
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Device Music Volume Controller
  • And many more...